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Old Farts Guide to Internet Searches Aaron Rosenzweig

Old Farts Guide to Internet Searches

Aaron Rosenzweig

Published January 28th 2004
ISBN : 9780974218830
195 pages
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 About the Book 

Everyone can benefit from interaction with the World Wide Web. This book takes the unique approach of introducing the art of searching for information on the Web to those people who did not grow up using a computer during the early days of the Internet. Of particular interest are those of us who are over fifty years young.Imagine a newspaper with color photographs. That’s not so hard. Most Sunday papers come in color these days. Now visualize that the newspaper has video and audio. Instead of just seeing a photograph of an event, you could actually see part of, or perhaps all of, the event just by touching a part of the newspaper which said show me. Suppose this newspaper not only showed headlines from today’s New York Times, but also showed headlines from the Washington Post and nearly every other newspaper in the world! Wouldn’t it be nice if this super newspaper could define a word for us that we didn’t understand just by touching it? Wouldn’t it be grand if after reading an article about a new product, we could immediately be given a list of places to buy it? Now the toughest part, envision that such a marvel of a newspaper exists and is available every time your computer is connected to the Internet.The World Wide Web is a cute name which implies that there is information available across the world and connected together in a zillion different ways just like a spider web.This guide book is special. It explains the history of the World Wide Web. You learn why the Web was invented and how it has evolved. A new case study approach shows you how to search the Web with concrete examples. When you are ready, there is an in depth explanation of how to milk the best searches out of Google, the most popular search tool. Additionally, many search tools are presented with the special features of each pointed out. For those without Internet access, a chapter is devoted to helping you find an Internet provider.